Studio Guide

Study Guide for Students and Parents



Welcome to the studio of Dr. Scott Beard, NCTM and to the piano studies program. You are part of a group of dedicated musicians who have a sincere love for making and performing the finest music.  I have dedicated myself to educating my students with the highest professional musical performance standards in mind. 

I have a universal desire to pass along the rich heritage of performance found in this and other cultures. With this as an understanding, we will work together to develop in each student the self-confidence, assurance and esteem that will permit him/her embrace these honored traditions and seek new and diverse means of musical expression and communication. 

Through the discipline acquired in their studies as musicians and scholars, our students prepare for the great challenges of life, and are provided with the artistic and academic preparation needed for their future musical careers.  As musician-artists actively involved in society, we hope to encourage and foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the arts and music and their importance in the lives of all people.

 This guide will acquaint you with the curriculum and policies that the I have developed over many years. Please use it as a reference tool, which will help answer, many of your questions regarding procedures and expectations.


Dr. Scott Beard, NCTM

Professor of Music

Coordinator of Keyboard Studies

Shepherd University