Beard Studio Policy


There are several study plans available for students of Dr. Beard.  Elementary and early-intermediate students have a 45-minute private lesson, while more advanced students have the option of a 45, 60, 90 or 120-minute lesson or longer at the discretion of the teacher.  To insure consistent musical and technical progress, students are expected to keep a daily practice record and complete all theory, ear training, technical, ensemble and listening assignments for each lesson.

Payment for lessons will be made at the first lesson of each month for the entire month, one month in advance.  Adjustments will be made for music & materials, performance, competition and other fees on the next month’s statement.  Fees for the 2009-2010 season are the following:


            45-minute lesson:            $  55.00             (A typical 4-lesson month:  $220)

            60-minute lesson:            $  70.00             (A typical 4-lesson month:  $280)

            90-minute lesson:            $100.00             (A typical 4-lesson month:  $400)

            120-minute lesson:          $135.00             (A typical 4-lesson month:  $540)


The following fees are also part of the studio study plan for the 2009-2010 season and are to be paid at the start of the season:

            Registration & Studio Fee                                                             $50.00

These fees cover mailings, copying, notebook material, time spent on repertoire research, preparing performance registration materials, 2 studio recitals & 4 group classes.


In order to build your musical library, all students are required to use original scores and where possible, urtext (original) editions for their musical studies.  Internet sites such as and will be used where appropriate to download material..  The studio will be happy to order music for you.  The cost of music & materials will be added to your monthly statement.


In general, my performance and teaching schedule does not allow for a large number of make-up lessons.  I will always make up any regularly scheduled less lessons that I have to miss; otherwise you will have to forfeit the lesson.


Fees for adjudications sponsored by MTNA, the National Guild, Piano Olympics, or other competition & recital fees will be added to your monthly tuition statement.


Students are expected to take a minimum of four lessons during the period following the studio recital and the start of the new season.


The studio offers many performance opportunities for its students—formal recitals, ensemble programs, master classes, adjudications, and competitions.  Ideally, students should participate in at least three or more public performances each year.  Competitions are always optional.


*Please consult the studio page at for practicing articles and handouts.  Quotes from “Music Practicing,” by Virginia and Verne Campbell, published in the May 1993 A Parents Guide to Kids n Stuff.

The key to musical success is not TIME spent, but rather MIND spent.

To make the task of practicing as agreeable as possible, several additional guidelines are recommended.

  1. Establish a specific and routine time to begin practice each day.
  2. Ensure there are no interruptions during practice (friends, phone calls, demands that other chores be done, etc.).
  3. Ensure the practice location is not in the middle of a major family traffic pattern through the house in which parents and siblings can unwittingly contribute to interrupting the practice session.  Make sure the instrument is maintained (tuned) regularly and that the bench(es) and pedals are at the appropriate height.
  4. Often, students have some written activities to complete as part of their practice or lesson requirement for the week.  Parents, with or without a musical background, can check to make sure this is done, and provide the necessary encouragement to assist the student in completing the assignment in a timely manner.
  5. Understand that younger or less advanced students may not need as much time to accomplish their practice tasks as older, more advanced students.  However, all students need to read their assignment sheets, and check to be sure they have met the practice goals for the day.


Termination of lessons requires a 30-day notice on the part of the student and the teacher.  Students wishing to be released from lessons with less than a 30-day notice are required to pay the full monthly fee.



This is to enroll ___________________________  for a ________ minute lesson plan as a student of Dr. Scott Beard, NCTM for the 2009-2010 season.

I have read the studio policy and understand that I am enrolling myself (adult student) or my child for the entire school year, and that I am expected to pay the full lesson tuition, except in the case of an out-of-town move.  I also understand the studio expectations in regard to summer study, practicing, completion of assignments, timely payment of fees and make-up lessons.

As a parent, I am aware of the policies and practice requirements of Dr. Beard’s studio and agree to help and encourage my child to meet those expectations.  In order to foster academic skills, as a parent I will let the instructor know if my child’s school grades go below a C-plus average.

As a student, I am committed to consistent practicing that will lead to continued musical growth and consistent progress.





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